Rabbi's Message

  • March 17, 2017


    The concern of chametz on Pesach is not limited to foodstuff and certain types of goods containing problematic ingredients. As many are aware, pots and other utensils employed in the preparation and service of food that are used year round are not to be used over Pesach.  Despite the fact that the utensil might be perfectly clean, it use is forbidden due to the absorption of chametz taste that is in the vessel which would be transferred into the non-chametz food if used on Pesach.  As such, it is important to kasher any utensils you might need over the holiday that have been used during the year.

    The general rule regarding this process is that utensils made of metal, wood, and natural rubber can be kashered, whereas china, earthenware, and glassware should not.  [Please be aware that exceptions can be made in cases of great necessity and significant financial loss.]  Any utensil that is to be kashered should first be cleaned thoroughly from any dirt or residue.  Any substantial rust (not a mere discoloration or the like) on the inside of a vessel should be removed as well.  If there are significant cracks and crevices on the inside of a utensil that can not be cleaned well and thus might have dirt trapped inside, in all likelihood the utensil cannot be kashered.

    This year we will once again be having a representative from the ‘Go Kosher' organization kashering our utensils for us. It will be taking place in the shul kitchen on Sunday, April 2nd, between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. If you plan on coming that morning, please e-mail me to sign-up for a 15 minute slot during which you will bring your items to the shul and they will be kashered.   

    Have a great Shabbos, and a Chag kasher v’Sameach.